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Welcome to Our Music Portfolio !

Welcome to Our Music Portfolio !


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The Juan Maclean 9 Videos

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The Juan Maclean, Playlist Mix, 9 Videos
 (Dance, Electronica, Experimental, New Wave )

John MacLean, better known by the stage name of The Juan MacLean, is an American electronic musician.

Maclean was guitarist for the post-hardcore band Six Finger Satellite, based in Providence, Rhode Island. The band was struck by several tragedies, and Maclean eventually moved into production duties, utilizing his home studio in Providence (nicknamed "The Parlor"). Eventually James Murphy joined the band as sound engineer (where he became known for a punishing tour PA set up, which he nicknamed "Death From Above").

Eventually the band broke up, and Maclean spent several years out of the music business, getting a degree at the Providence College and teaching English in New Hampshire. He continued a friendship with Murphy, who moved to New York City and founded influential dance-punk label DFA Records and started LCD Soundsystem. Murphy urged Maclean to get back into music, and got Maclean experimenting with modern electronic mixing equipment; DFA would include several Maclean compositions on compilation records.

His first album on the label, Less Than Human, was released in July 2005.

    Less Than Human - 9 August 2005
    Visitations - digital only remix album released 12 June 2006
    The Future Will Come - 2009
    DJ-Kicks - 2010
    Everybody Get Close - 2011 (digital only)
    In a Dream - 16 September 2014

    Der Half-Machine 10" - 2005
    Find A Way Tour EP - 2008
    Happy House Remixes - 2009


    "By the Time I Get to Venus" - 2002
    "You Can't Have It Both Ways" - 2002
    "Give Me Every Little Thing" - 2003 (split with The Rapture's "Killing")
    "Tito's Way" - 2005
    "Love Is in the Air" - 2006
    "Happy House" - 2008
    "The Simple Life" - 2008
    "One Day" - 2009
    "Feels So Good" - 2010
    "Can't Let Go" - 2011 (as Peach Melba)
    "You're My Destiny" - 2013
    "Feel Like Movin'" - 2013 (split with Shit Robot featuring Reggie Watts' "We Got a Love")
    "Get Down (With My Love)" - 2014

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